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CY-LED-018 CY-LED-018

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Product Detail
1、Advantages: high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long service life, high safety, environmental protection.
2、Application: city streets, city business district, landscape area, industrial area lighting.
3、The lamp body material: high pressure die casting aluminum alloy.
4、Shade: use borosilicate glass molding.
5、Surface treatment: anti ultraviolet electrostatic spray and paint.
6、Reflector: using the high pure aluminum calendering, after strict anodic oxidation treatment.
7、Rated voltage and power: 220-240V/50-60HZ.
8、Insulation: the installation of lamps, electrical integration design, class:1.
9、Installation of pipe diameter: diameter 48mm-60mm x 100mm.
10、The recommended height: 6m--12m.
11、Protection class: reflection system IP66, the lamp body IP65 dust splash protection.
Product Features
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